Collection: Hot & Cold Therapy

The Ultimate Performance Hot & Cold Range contains a wide selection of essential products that provide hot or cold therapy as part of first aid and rehabilitation treatments.

Types of hot and cold therapy products

Hot and cold therapy can be applied with a variety of products. But which one is best for you?

Reusable gel packs

Reuseable gel packs are an excellent alternative to ice and can also be used to apply heat. Simply keep them in the freezer and use them as needed. A more convenient way to apply cold therapy than ice and a lot less messy. They are also less likely to cause ice burns.

They can be heated immersing in hot water, or heated carefully in the microwave to apply heat. Easy to use, simply place in a freezer for 10 minutes to cool and to heat just microwave for 30 seconds. Long lasting and reusable, the gel stays soft and moulds to the body even when cold.

Instant cold packs

Perfect for keeping on hand in your first aid kit! No need to pre-freeze, simply squeeze the sachet inside the Ice pack to activate them. Our instant cold therapy packs cool quickly and remain cooler for longer.  Ideal for treating sprains and strains without delay after the injury has happened to reduce swelling and bruising.

Reusable ice bag

This is a reusable waterproof ice bag which you fill with ice. Again, more convenient and less messy than wrapping ice in a wet tea towel for instance. This is also useful if you are travelling and staying in hotels as they will often have ice available.

Freeze spray

Freeze spray is great to have as part of your sports first aid kit. It is ideal for applying to recent knocks and collisions in contact sports for example. The Freeze spray creates an endothermic (absorbs heat) reaction on the skin.

This is great as a pain killer however, it does not absorb as much heat as a cold therapy gel pack. As a result, it should not be used as a substitute for applying ice packs or similar products.

Cold gel

This is a gel which you apply directly to the skin. It  creates an endothermic reaction, generating a cooling feeling.. It is great for reducing pain and inflammation of tendon injuries, joint swelling and minor muscle strains.

However, like Freeze spray it does not absorb body heat in the way a cold pack or ice would. This is perfect for using throughout the day, especially if you do not have access to cold packs.

Extra strong sports balm

Use as part of heat therapy (not cold therapy) the Extra Strong Sports Balms generates a penetrating warmth for aching and sore muscles. Ideal when used in conjunction with heat packs, or if you do not have access to heat packs. In particular, it is great when used to finish off a massage. UP Sport Balm is easy to apply and offers fast, effective relief from muscle and joint pain.

Our Heat Rubs and Balms can also help as part of your longer term rehabilitation treatments.  By providing a warming therapy for sore muscles and joints as well as increasing blood flow to the area you can soothe and relax strained muscles whilst aiding the recovery process.

Cold therapy can be applied immediately after injury to reduce swelling and pain. Heat therapy can ease stiffness, reduce muscle spasms, increase circulation and help the muscles relax.