Collection: Dressings & Wound Care

Ultimate Performance Medical offers a variety of wound dressings and care products including elastic plasters, gauze swabs, low adherant dressings, tubular bandages and blister plasters.

Types of dressings and woundcare products

Here’s an overview of the types of dressings available on their website:

Steropore Dressings: These are highly absorbent wound pads with hypo-allergenic adhesive, available in various sizes. They are hospital-approved and designed for flexibility and comfort, suitable for a wide range of wounds.

Low Adherent Dressing Pads: These pads are designed to minimize adherence to the wound, reducing pain and trauma during dressing changes. They come in packs of 25 and are ideal for wounds with light to moderate exudate​.

Elasticated Tubular Bandages: These bandages provide support and compression for injuries. They are available in different sizes and are useful for securing dressings in place, particularly for joints and other mobile areas​.

Blister Plasters: These plasters are specifically designed to protect and treat blisters. They come in various sizes and packs, providing cushioning and protection to prevent further friction and promote healing​

Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters: These are general-purpose plasters that are durable and flexible, suitable for covering minor cuts and abrasions. They are available in packs of 100.