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Types Of Ankle Support

Different types of ankle supports, which is best for you?


Ankle supports and braces are traditionally made from neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber which has good elastic properties. As such, it provids compression and support to joints and muscles. Neoprene  also retains body heat, which stimulates blood flow aiding the healing process.

The disadvantages of neoprene is that it can be bulky. It is also sometimes be less comfortable against the skin than elastic supports, especially if you wear them for longer periods.

Neoprene is the right choice if your priority is firmer support, especially after the acute phase has passed. In particular, tendon injuries benefit from the heat retention properties of neoprene ankle supports.

Elastic ankle support

Elastic supports are lighter weight than neoprene and often made with more modern materials. They are more comfortable when worn for longer periods against the skin. In particular they are suitable for applying compression in the early, acute stages of ankle injuries where reducing swelling is the priority.

Specialist ankle braces

Ankle braces made for specific purposes include Achilles tendon straps and Posterior tibial tendon displacement braces. Achilles tendon straps work by applying compression around the tendon which reduces the strain on it. If you also have swelling then the Advanced Ultimate Compression Support combines both elastic joint compression and tension across the Achilles tendon.

The Football Ankle Brace also falls into the specialist category. It is similar to other laced ankle braces with extra lateral support. However, it is cut shorter around the midfoot to allow it to more easily fit into football boots.

Stabilising ankle brace

These supports provide the highest level of protection, especially from lateral or sideways movement. They usually have additional elements such as metal springs down the sides in the case of laced ankle braces. Or they may have extra straps or a combination of both.

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