Collection: Sports Massage Guns & Vibrating Foam Rollers

Pulseroll massage guns and vibrating foam rollers.

Pulseroll Massage Guns

Pulseroll massage guns and vibrating foam rollers have been designed to aid recovery and bring the benefits of sports massage to all. They offer high-quality, affordable vibration massage products for both professionals and amateurs alike.

So whatever your sport or activity you an enjoy the benefits of regular massage with a massage gun or vibrating roller.

Vibrating Foam Follers

The Pulseroll vibrating foam rollers or massage rollers combines the benefits of using a foam roller and a massage gun.

The outer foam skin channels vibrations producing a vibrating massage effect. This increases blood flow, which aids muscle recovery and improves performance.

The vibrating foam roller pro offers even move percussion massage and is larger than then standard vibrating foam roller.

Professional Sports Massage Guns

The Pulseroll Sports Massage Gun Pro takes the hard work out of deep tissue massage. Elite athletes and professional sports therapists use them on a daily basis worldwide.

It provides professional-level percussion massage, ideal for relieving aches and pains and sports recovery. The Pulseroll sports massage gun reaches any muscle group making it perfect for use all over the body. It is especially good at targeting the back and shoulders.

A variety of heads mean you can adjust the gun to target general areas, or focus more accurately on specific muscles or trigger points.

Mini Sports Massage Guns

The Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun offers a professional level massage to relieve aches and pains. It is quiet and portable making it ideal for when you are on the move. It is suitable for both professional and home use, especially if you need to be on the move.

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