Wet foot test

If you are not sure what type your foot is then try the wet foot rest.  Stand on a piece of paper with wet feet and examine your footprint.

Wet foot test

Still not sure? Read more about which insole is best for you here.

Advanced F3D Neutral Insole shock absorbing

Each time we take a step, especially on hard surfaces high frequency shockwaves reverberates up through our feet. This causes micro-traumas to the soft tissue (muscles and tendons). Therefore, if we regularly train on hard surfaces (roads & pavements) these harmful vibrations increase risk of injury.

Our Advanced F3D Neutral Insole has a 3mm foam damper inserted into the heel and forefoot which dissipates up to 95% of those harmful shockwaves.

Stability & arch support

A PU foam core with an advanced design TPU arch brace creates stability and support to hold the foot in a more biomechanically ideal position. This helps assist with both propulsion and correct alignment - making running and walking easier, more comfortable and less likely to lead to an injury.

Which injuries is the Advanced F3D Neutral Insole suitable for?

Wearing F3D Insoles may help prevent and/or recover from a range of sports and running injuries. For example:

  • - Plantar fasciitis
  • - Bruised heel
  • - Achilles tendonitis
  • - Compartment syndrome
  • - Shin splints
  • - Patella tendonitis
  • - Patelofemoral pain
  • - ITB syndrome

Technical Information

  • - 3mm Foam Damper dissipates up to 95% of the high frequency shockwaves.
  • - PU (polyurethane) foam core provides comfort and support to the whole foot.
  • - TPU (thermoplastic PU) brace provides arch support.
  • - Full-length memory foam ‘+’ layers improve fit & comfort.
  • - Shock absorption in the heel and forefoot.
  • Size Guide

  • UK shoe size:
  • XS 2-4 (34-37)
  • S 4.5-7 (37.5-40)
  • M 7.5-9 (40.5-43)
  • L 9.5-11 (43.5-46)
  • XL 11.5-14 (46.5-49)