What is the Ultimate Performance Medical Bag suitable for?

The UP Medical Bag is the perfect Football medical bag. Also ideal for Rugby, Hockey and Netball or any sports physios or coaches. You can store all your first aid and medical supplies so they are easy to reach when you need them.

Storage compartments

The Ultimate Performance Medical bag has a number of pockets and adjustable internal organisers.

  • The side pocket runs the length of the bag with the zip closure and finger loops making it quick and easy to access
  • Internal organiser pockets help you store items, keeping them in place and reducing the need to rummage for what you need
  • We’ve added in a solid base to make the bag more rigid when in use
  • Specially designed organiser pockets are perfect for giving you easy access for all your tapes and sprays.
  • The end pocket zips off to become a waist essentials bag, making it easier to grab key items and go if an emergency occurs.

All this gives you control over the internal space. Therefore, making it easy store the items that you want for your team.