Collection: Back Supports

Ultimate Performance Back Supports are classified as Class 1 Medical Devices. They are graded by support level. Level 1: Basic, Level 2: Moderate, Level 3: Pro and Level 4: Maximum.

Class 1 medical devices

All Ultimate Performance back supports are classified as Class 1 Medical Devices. This means the are registered with the Medical & Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA). This means they have met strict criteria, been thoroughly tested, with evidence based research to prove they are safe and effective.

Types of back supports

With such a huge range of back supports available how do you know which is the best one for you? The two things to consider are much protection yout need and comfort.

Basic wrap around

This type does not have any additional straps or internal metal components. It wraps around your weighst and secures with hook and loop fastening. As a result, they provide the lowest level of compression. They are sometimes called heat retainers, rather than back supports.

The Neoprene back support is ideal of you want to retain as much movement as possible, yet gain a little extra protection for your back. Neoprene retains body heat which stimulates blood flow which enables muscles to relax work more efficiently.

Back braces with additional features

Both the Ultimate Back Support and the Advanced Back support With Adjustable Tension have additional components for extra protection.

The Ultimate version has surgical springs at the back to protect the lumbar spine. You can also pull the wrap around straps as tight as is comfortable. These extra straps make a large difference to the support provided.

The Advanced version has a cable system which you adjust to increase the compression level as needed. This gives you an even more supportive back brace.