Collection: Plantar Fasciitis Insoles & Treatment

Plantar fasciitis insoles are important for treating the most common cause of pain under the heel. At Ultimate Performance we have insoles, night socks, tape, cold therapy and more to help treat your Plantar fasciitis heel pain.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Symptoms develop over time consisting of pain under the heel, which often radiates into the arch of the foot. Pain is worse first thing in the morning, or after a period of rest.

Plantar fascia

Treatment involves reducing pain and inflammation with cold therapy, stretching exercises and correcting any biomechanical dysfunction.

What causes Plantar fasciitis?

A big contributing factor for Plantar fasciitis is overpronation. This is when your foot rolls in or flattens when you walk or run. Therefore, if you overpronate then this places additional stress on your plantar fascia.

As a result, when your foot arch (plantar fascia) flattens, the strain at the point where it attaches to your heel increases. In effect the plantar fascia tugs at the heel causing pain, inflammation and eventually degeneration of the tissues.

How do Plantar fasciitis insoles help?

Plantar fasciitis arch support or 'Orthotic' type insoles correct your foot biomechanics by controlling the position of your heel and supporting your foot arch. The constant strain on your heel is significantly reduced allowing your foot to heal and helping prevent future injury.

They are especially affective when combined with other treatments such as cold therapy, a Plantar fasciitis sock and stretching exercises.

Which insole is best for me?

This all depends on your foot type and how much you overpronate. Ultimate Performance have three different types depending on whether you overpronate, have a neutral feet, or over supinate.

foot type plantar fasciitis insoles


The Support Insole is designed specifically for runners and walkers with Plantar fasciitis who overpronate, have low arched or flat feet. It combines 3mm of Anti-shock foam damping with stability and support.


The Advanced F3D Neutral insole is perfect for runners or walkers who have neutral feet or only mildly overpronate. It provides mild to moderate support with 3mm cushioning. Ideal for reducing your risk of injury long term.

What is my foot type?

If you are not sure what your foot type is then try the wet foot test. Stand on a piece of paper with wet feet and examine your footprint.

plantar fasciitis insoles foot type

Plantar fasciitis treatment products

There are many products for treating Plantar fasciitis. We recommend the following as part of a full treatment and rehabilitation program:

Cold therapy for Plantar fasciitis

As well as Plantar fasciitis insoles cold therapy is the best way to relieve symptoms.If you are in pain then applying cold therapy to your heel and under the arch of the foot is essential.

Apply every couple of hours for approximately 10 minutes to reduce pain and inflammation. Continue until your symptoms reduce then apply 2 to 3 times per day.

Plantar fasciitis sock

The Plantar fasciitis sock is worn overnight. It helps prevent your plantar fascia (foot arch) from tightening up. As the fasica tightens overnight, it pulls at the attachment to the heel resulting in pain, inflammation and eventually degeneration of the fascia.

Foot roller balls

Foot roller balls help massage and stretch the plantar fascia soft tissue under the foot. Simply roll them under your foot to achieve a massage and stretching effect.

Zinc oxide tape

A simple roll of 1 inch non stretch zinc oxide tape can instantly relieve symptoms. A Plantar fasciitis taping technique supports the arch of your foot allowing it to rest and recover.

We recommend the highest quality or 1.5 inch zinc oxide tape. This sticks for longer on the foot and lasts longer because it does not stretch as much.

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