Collection: Zinc Oxide Tape

Zinc oxide tape is non stretch sticky tape used in a variety of sports taping applications. All Ultimate Performance tapes are registered as a Class 1 Medical Device. See below for our guide to zinc oxide sports tape.

What is Zinc Oxide Tape?

Zinc oxide tape is non stretch adhesive sports tape. A variety of sports taping applications use it. In particular, it is used for support straps which protect ligaments and restrict joint movement.

It is often called zinc oxide tape because zinc oxide was used in the glue that makes it sticky. Non stretch sports tape is also perfect for foot taping, for example, preventing blisters and arch support taping for Plantar fasciitis.

Tan Tape

Ultimate Performance Tan tape is stronger than normal tape. A non stretch rayon based sports tape, ideal for more demanding applications, heavy use joint support.

It also sticks for longer and is water repellant making it best for preventing blisters, plantar fasciitis arch taping and patellofemoral knee pain taping. Also latex free.

Lite Fix Tape

Ultimate Performance Light Fix Tape is a non-woven, porous adhesive dressing on a roll. It is non stretch and conforms well around joints. Apply it as a base layer underneath zinc oxide tape. For example, patellofemoral pain taping over the patella.

Sports Tape II

Our Zinc Oxide Sports Tape is a ultra high quality 100% cotton fabric tape for sports applications. It easy to apply with a serrated edge that allows you to tear off the length you require. Made from hypoallergenic materials and latex free to reduce irritation on sensitive skin. This is the choice to go for if you absolutely have to have the best tape available.

Best Zinc Oxide Tape For Blisters

Prevention is by far the best cure for blisters. Once you get a blister on your foot then it is likely to be painful. Taping your feet properly with good quality sports tape will avoid blisters and keep your feet in good condition.

Long distance runners, walkers and particularly soldiers become experts at taping their feet. So what is the best type of tape to use for preventing blister?

One inch zinc oxide Tan Tape is ideal. It sticks longer, especially with wet feet. Tape should be applied around the back of your heel, instep and around your toes. For even more protection around the back of your heel apply a blister plaster first, then tape over the top of that. Avoid getting wrinkles in the tape.