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Achilles tendon support strap Achilles Tendon Support
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Achilles tendon support Advanced Ultimate Compression Achilles Support - UP5188
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Hot/Cold Pack
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Hot/Cold Wrap Medium Hot/Cold Wrap - UP4412
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Cold Gel
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Ultimate Performance Gel Heel Pad gel heel pads
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Compression support sock ankle support sock 5190
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Plantar fasciitis sock plantar fasciitis sock
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RIP Lite Tape II 1.5
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Kinesiology Tape Black Kinesiology Tape
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Best Products For Achilles Tendonitis

Here we explain the best products for treating Achilles tendonitis (tendinopathy).

Achilles tendonitis, more accurately known as Achilles tendinopathy is inflammation or degeneration of the Achilles tendon. Treatment involves reducing pain and inflammation, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Often long term chronic cases are not related to acute inflammation, but more likely to be wear and tear, or degeneration.

Hot & cold therapy

Cold therapy is essential for reducing pain and inflammation, especially with acute injuries, or chronic injuries which have flared up. Apply a reuseable hot & cold compression wrap for approximately 10 minutes every couple of hours in the early stages, reducing frequency as your symptoms improve.

Later in the rehabilitation process, or if your injury is chronic then applying heat may be more beneficial. Tendons, particularly the Achilles tendon work better when warm. Heat before exercise and cold after.

Cold gel

Cold gel helps reduce pain and inflammation. It should not be used as a complete alternative to cold therapy gel packs, but is ideal if you are at work, or do not have access to cold therapy. It is a very convenient and easy to apply product for Achilles tendonitis.

Achilles tendon straps/supports

The Advanced Ultimate Compression Achilles strap and the Achilles tendon support both work by applying pressure over the tendon. As a result, stress on the Achilles is reduced, aiding the healing process. The Advanced Ultimate Compression strap also supports the ankle in general so is probably more suitable if you also have swelling over the ankle, or Achilles.

Wear an Achilles strap all the time initially if you are in pain or have early morning symptoms. Later as you return to full training wear it only when exercising.


Achilles tendon taping is an excellent way of reducing the strain on the tendon. Elastic adhesive bandage passed from the top of the calf muscles, under the heel and back supports the tendon.

Kinesiology taping for Achilles tendonitis

Apply a strip from the heel to the upper calf.

Kinesiology taping Achilles

Then wrap a smaller piece around your ankle to fix it in place.

Achilles taping kinesiology tape