What is the Achilles tendon support suitable for?

It is suitable for both gradual onset and acute Achilles tendon pain including Achillies tendonitis/tendinopathy.

How does the Achilles tendon support work?

Most Achilles injuries are overuse related. Therefore, the purpose of any tendonitis support is to reduce the strain on the tendon. The Ultimate Performance Achilles tendon support applies compression around the Achilles tendon. As a result, it changes how the forces transmit through the tendon, therefore, relieving symptoms and aiding the healing process.

How should I wear it?

Wear all the time if your Achilles is sore. Later when you return to running wear during training.

Technical information

  • - Adjustable for perfect fit and required Achilles compression
  • - Ensures a full range of movement
  • - Support level 2
  • - Fits left and right

Size Guide

  • Measure around the widest part of the ankle: Regular 10.5-11.5" (27-29cm) | Large 11.5-12.5" (29-32cm)
  • Care

  • Hand wash
  • Classification

    This product that has been registered with the MHRA as a Class 1 Medical Device. This means
    it complies with legislation and has been designed and thoroughly tested to be safe and effective to use.