Elbow Supports for Playing Tennis

Elbow Supports for Playing Tennis

Many amateur players wear elbow supports for Tennis. As a high-impact sport, Tennis requires a lot of upper body strength and repetitive arm movements. As a result, tennis players are at risk of developing elbow injuries such as tennis elbow.

Why wear an Elbow support for Tennis?

Elbow supports provide compression and support to the muscles and tendons that attach to the elbow.As a result, they are useful for:

  • Treating acute elbow pain
  • Helping recover from injury
  • Preventing or mitigating the risk of elbow injuries
  • Improving performance

They work by reducing the strain on the forearm muscles, which helps to prevent injury and alleviate pain and inflammation in the elbow joint.

Which type is best for me?

Elbow supports come in different sizes and materials, including neoprene, elastic, and nylon. The best one for you depends partly on personal preference but also whether you have a specific injury and what stage of rehab you are at.

Acute elbow pain

Acute elbow pain is sudden onset or severe pain. This usually occurs at the time of injury, or in the case of long term chronic injuries such as Tennis elbow you can suffer an acute flare up of symptoms.

Ultimate Compression Elastic Elbow Support

Elastic compression elbow support

The Ultimate Compression Elastic elbow support is ideal for the early stage of elbow sprains and strains including Tennis and Golfers elbow, especially if you have swellling. It provides targeted compression to the joint.

Advanced Compression Elbow Support

Tennis elbow support

The Advanced Compression Elbow Support specifically targets the symptoms of Tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a common overuse injury that occurs when the muscles and tendons in the forearm become strained and damaged. By providing compression and support to these muscles and tendons, it helps to reduce the strain on the elbow joint, especially if you are unable to rest.

Recovering from injury

Tennis players who have already developed tennis elbow often experience pain and swelling in the elbow joint, which can make it difficult to continue playing. Elbow supports help to reduce the pressure on the elbow joint and provide support to the muscles and tendons, which can help to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Air Tennis Elbow Support

Tennis elbow support

The Air Tennis Elbow Support uses an air cushion to apply targetted compression to the tendons causing tennis elbow. Easy to wear with an adjustable strap for a more personalised fit and compression.

Neoprene Elbow Support

Neoprene elbow support

The Neoprene Elbow Support is great for later stages of mild to moderate elbow injuries. It provides compression support but also retains body heat. Tendons work better when warm. Therefore, reducing the risk of re-injury when going back to playing.

Improving performance

Elbow supports can also help to improve performance on the tennis court. By providing support to the muscles and tendons in the forearm, elbow supports help to improve grip strength. As a result, you have more control during tennis strokes. This leads to more accurate and powerful shots, giving amateur players a competitive edge on the court.

In addition to their physical benefits, elbow supports can also provide psychological benefits to tennis players. By wearing an elbow support, players may feel more confident and secure on the court, which can improve their overall performance and reduce their risk of injury.

Do professional payers wear elbow supports for Tennis?

The reason you do not see many pro players wearing elbow supports and braces is that they are highly trained athletes and over the years have developed the right technique and resiliance needed to play.

Amateurs however, often have jobs which place strain on the tendons such as using a computer keyboard, DIY and building work. Then they go to the tennis court and overdo it, often with poor technique. Also, most causes of Tennis elbow are not Tennis related but work related.


In conclusion, elbow supports are a valuable tool for tennis players who want to prevent and manage tennis elbow. They provide compression and support to the muscles and tendons in the forearm, which can help to reduce the risk of injury, alleviate pain and inflammation, and improve performance on the tennis court. If you are a tennis player, consider wearing an elbow support to protect your elbow joint and improve your game.

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