best products for hamstring strains

Top 5 Products For Pulled Hamstrings

Hamstring strains occur suddenly and if you have a moderate or worse injury then there is no arguing with it. You have to stop playing or training immediately. Here are our top 5 products to help recover from a pulled hamstring muscle.

What is a Pulled hamstring?

A Hamstring strain is a pull or tear of any of the three hamstring muscles at the back of the lower leg. It usually occurs suddenly and can range in severity from a mild feeling of tightness to absolute agony.

It is essential you apply immediate first aid followed later by a full treatment and rehabilitation program to make a full recovery and avoid it recurring.

1. Large Hot & Cold Wrap

large hot & cold wrap

Immediate first aid for any pulled muscle is to apply the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. The Large Hot & Cold Wrap is ideal for applying cold therapy. It has two reuseable gel packs which supply both cold therapy and compression to the injured muscle.

Apply cold therapy to the injured hamstring muscle for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours initially. Later in the rehabilitation process, once the acute phase has passed apply heat. Heat encourages blood flow and relaxes the muscles, aiding the healing process. Heat before exercise then apply cold after. NEVER apply heat immediately after injury!

Budget alternative: Reusable hot & cold pack

2. Advanced Thigh Support


Advanced neoprene thigh support

The Advanced Neoprene Thigh Support provides protection and support for your injured hamstring muscle. Compression is important immediately after injury to help stop any bleeding in the muscle and support it.

Later, neoprene applies retains body heat which increases blood flow, aiding the healing process. The additional straps mean you can adjust the amount of compression. This is ideal for more severe hamstring muscle strains.

Budget alternative: Ultimate Thigh Support

3. Massage Therapy Roller


Massage therapy roller

Once the acute phase has passed and your muscle is healing then gentle massage encourages blood flow and healing. If you don't have access to your own personal massage therapist every day then a foam roller is the perfect alternative.

The Massage Therapy Roller helps flush blood and waste products through the muscle tissues, stretches and relaxes them.

Budget alternative: Foam Roller

4. Kinesiology tape


k tape

Kinesiology tape is used to either activate or deactivate hamstring muscles depending on how you apply it. Initially you may want to deactivate the muscle to help it rest and heal. Later you may want to help activate the muscle and get it working again.

5. Exercise Bands

Once the acute phase has passed and you are able to do normal daily tasks pain free then you may want to begin gentle strengthening exercises. If you simply wait until you are pain free then go straight back into normal training then the chance of recurrance is high.

Exercise bands come in various strengths and are great for strengthening muscles at home, or the office. Remember, you need to make your muscle stronger than before your injury, build up speed gradually, as well as improve flexibility.

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