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Types Of Sports Tape Explained

Sports tape comes in various forms, each tailored for specific applications and benefits. The Ultimate Performance range includes zinc oxide, EAB, cohesive, Rip-Light, Kinesiology, and Underwrap tapes.

Commong Types of Sports Tape

The following are the most common types of tape in sport:

Zinc Oxide Sports Tape

ultimate performance locker tape

Zinc oxide tape, or 'athletic tape' is a rigid tape made from cotton or synthetic materials. It provides support and stability to joints like ankles, wrists, and fingers. Commonly used in sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball, it helps prevent or manage injuries by offering firm support.

Kinesiology Tape

kinesiology sports tape

Kinesiology tape, or 'k-tape', is a flexible, elastic sports tape designed to mimic the elasticity of human skin. It supports muscles and joints while allowing a full range of motion. Ultimate Performance Kinesiology Tape is available in six different colors and comes in convenient packaging for easy storage. It's ultra-light and thin, minimizing the risk of irritation from rubbing against clothing.

Cohesive Tape

Cohesive tape, also known as self-adhering or self-sticking tape, adheres to itself but not to the skin or hair. It's ideal for wrapping joints or securing bandages and is frequently used in team sports like football and rugby.

EAB (Elastic Adhesive Bandage)

ultimate performance elastic adhesive bandage

Elastic adhesive bandage (EAB) is a stretchy, elastic sports tape that offers compression and support. It's commonly used around muscles as anchor points. Its elastic nature accommodates muscle expansion during exercise, making it highly suitable for active use.

Finger Tape

Locker tape

Finger tape is a narrow, adhesive zinc oxide tape designed for supporting fingers or thumbs. It's particularly useful in contact sports, climbing, or ju-jitsu, where finger stability is crucial.

Light Fix Tape

light fix tape 10cm

Ultimate Performance Light Fix Tape is a multi-purpose, flexible dressing with adhesive backing. We recommend it in particular for use as a base or anchor to apply supporting tape. For example patellofemoral pain taping. You can apply it directly to the skin.

Surgical Tape

Surgical tape secures bandages, dressings, or other medical devices during sports-related injuries. While not typically used for primary support or joint stabilization, it plays a vital role in injury management.



Underwrap is a thin, foam-like tape used as a base layer beneath athletic tape or EAB. It protects the skin from irritation caused by adhesive tapes and provides a comfortable foundation for subsequent layers of tape.

So which is the best sports tape?

Each type of sports tape serves a unique purpose in injury prevention and management, providing athletes with the necessary support to maintain performance and recovery. View sports taping tutorials at

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