What is it suitable for?

Professional and home use. Aids recovery from muscle injuries and is an ideal alternative to regular massage therapy.

The low-power settings are ideal for a more relaxing massage, either on tired or sensitive areas. High-power settings deliver a more intense deep tissue treatment for those muscle knots and trigger points.

How does it work?

The Pulseroll Pro Massage Roller channels vibrations deep into your muscle tissues. This relaxes muscles, stimulates blood flow. As a result you experienced improved healing and recovery.

Gently rest the target muscle on the vibrating foam roller. This allows the vibration to penetrate the muscle for an effective treatment. Use your body weight and adjust the variable settings to find the optimal pressure and vibration. This delivers deeper, more intense vibration therapy.

You can self-administer treatment to a focused area, or move around for a more general massage.

Technical Information

  • Weight 1.65Kg
  • Built in rechargable battery
  • Battery Life: 6 hours (lower speeds) 2.5 hours (higher speeds)
  • 1200 - 3500 RPM
  • Size Guide

  • Product Size: 380mm (L) x 150mm (H)