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Massage Therapy Roller

Massage Therapy Roller

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The Ultimate Massage Therapy Roller has special contours to deliver deep-penetrating, pain relieving myofascial massage. Use to treat sore muscles, aches and pains all over your body with pinpoint accuracy. Provides relief from muscular pain.

Suitable for

Suitable for quads, hamstrings, ITB, calves, hips, lower/upper back, neck, delts and shoulders.

Size Guide

  • SIZE: approx. 12″ long, 14.5″ circumference.

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By using your own body weight you can choose how much pressure to apply and where. Can be used pre-workout to release muscle toxins or post-workout to sooth aching muscles, roll out niggles and speed up injury rehab.

Contoured vs Smooth Massage Therapy Roller

Contoured or textured foam massage rollers offer several advantages over smooth foam rollers. Here are a few key benefits:

  • Deeper tissue massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Enhanced control
  • Varied intensity
  • Multi- angle massage
  • Efficient recovery

Targeted muscle relief

The contours and ridges on a textured massage therapy roller penetrate deeper into muscle tissue, providing a more intense massage. It helps relieve tightness and knots more effectively than a smooth roller.

The various textures can help target specific trigger points, offering more precise pressure to areas that need it most, which can be particularly beneficial for myofascial release.

Improve blood flow and circulation:

The uneven surface of a contoured roller stimulates blood flow and circulation more effectively by creating varying pressure points. Therefore, encouraging faster muscle recovery and healing.

Massage therapy roller has better grip and stability

The textured design often provides a better grip on the skin and the floor. As a result, preventing the roller from slipping during use. This makes it easier to maintain control and apply the desired amount of pressure. The contours help keep the roller in place, especially when rolling over specific areas like the back or legs.

Muscle engagement

The different textures allow for varied intensity levels within the same session. Therefore, you can adjust the pressure by focusing on different parts of the roller. This makes it suitable for both deep tissue work and gentler massages.

Also, the contours engage muscles from multiple angles, ensuring a more comprehensive massage, stretching different muscle fibers.

Enhanced recovery and performance:

By providing a more effective deep tissue massage, contoured rollers help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness more efficiently. This leads to quicker recovery times and improved overall performance.

The deeper and varied pressure helps break down scar tissue and adhesions, improving flexibility and range of motion over time.

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