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Kinesiology Tape Large Roll (31.5m Roll)

Kinesiology Tape Large Roll (31.5m Roll)

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Our popular Kinesiology Tape is now available in a new longer roll. Ideal for teams, physios or clinics who use K-tape a lot. Ultimate Performance Kinesiology tape offers consistent stretch with a great elastic memory. It keeps it’s length when removed from the backing paper and keeps its tension the whole time it on. Superb adhesive (5N/cm) means it stays on for up to 7 days. It is water resistant, including shower immersions. We use hypoallergenic glue to reduce irritation on the skin during wear.

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  • Available in longer rolls for clinical use: each roll measures 2?x 34½yds [50mm x31.5m]

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What is Ultimate Performance Kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology tape, kinesio tape or KT tape, involves applying a flexible, elastic adhesive tape to the skin. Sports medicine professionals often use Kinesiology tape in physical therapy. This is because it provides support and stability to muscles and joints, reduces pain, aids lymphatic drainage and may even improve performance.

Why use a large roll of Kinesiology tape?

Using a large long roll of kinesiology tape offers several benefits over short rolls. Firstly, it is more cost-effective, providing more tape per roll,. As a result, this is ideal for frequent use or for physios treating multiple patients

In addition, it allows continuous application without the need to join shorter segments, therefore, ensuring better adhesion and effectiveness. Additionally, having a long roll on hand reduces the need for frequent reordering.


  • Can be applied at home or by a Physio.
  • Continuous roll – cut to desired length.
  • 6 colours available – Black, Pink, Red, Light Blue, Orange and Skin tone.
  • Each roll measures: 50mm x 5m.
  • Consistent stretch with a great elastic memory.
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