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Ultimate Performance Grip Powder

Ultimate Performance Grip Powder

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Ultimate Performance Grip Powder is an adhesive powder that helps keep your hands dry and improve grip. It is non-tacky, helping keep your kit and equipment in good condition. Also, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. 50g Shaker bottle is the perfect size for gym bags and is easy to apply.

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How to use Ultimate Performance Grip Powder

Simply twist the top to open and close leaving no mess. Ideal for weight lifting, cross fit, tennis, squash, gymnastics and any other activity where you need improved grip.

Technical information

  • Non-tack powder
  • 50g shaker bottle

What can use use Ultimate Performance Grip powder for?

Use in sports to improve your grip on equipment, enhance performance, and increase safety. Here are some common applications of grip powder in various sports:

Weightlifting and Powerlifting

  • Use Ultimate Performance Grip Powder to keep your hands dry and improve grip on barbells and other weights.
  • Prevent the bar from slipping, therefore, reduce the risk of accidents and therefore, safely lift heavier weights.


  • Enhancing Hand Grip: Gymnasts use chalk on their hands and apparatus to improve their grip on bars, rings, and beams.
  • Reducing Moisture: It helps absorb sweat, ensuring a secure hold during routines.

Rock Climbing

  • Climbers use Ultimate Performance Grip Powder to keep their hands dry, and therefore improve their grip on climbing holds.
  • It enhances friction between the skin and the rock or climbing wall. As a result, provides better grip, reducing the risk of slips.

Tennis and Racket Sports

  • Improving Racket Grip: Players use grip powder to keep their hands dry, ensuring a firm grip on the racket handle.
  • Preventing Slippage: It helps prevent the racket from slipping during intense rallies and serves.

Baseball and Softball

  • Bat Grip: Players use grip powder to improve their hold on the bat, enhancing control and reducing the risk of the bat slipping out of their hands.
  • Pitchers' Grip: Pitchers may use it to get a better grip on the ball for improved control and pitch accuracy.

Pole Vaulting

  • Pole Grip: Vaulters use grip powder to maintain a secure grip on the pole, which is crucial for a successful vault.


Ball Grip: Bowlers use grip powder to keep their hands dry and ensure a consistent, secure grip on the bowling ball.


Improving Ball Handling: Players sometimes use grip powder to keep their hands dry for better control of the basketball during play.


Club Grip: Golfers use grip powder to maintain a firm hold on their clubs, especially in humid or rainy conditions.

CrossFit and Functional Training

Equipment Grip: Athletes use grip powder for better grip on various equipment such as pull-up bars, kettlebells, and ropes.

Overall, grip powder is widely used across many sports to enhance performance, increase safety, and ensure athletes maintain a secure and consistent hold on equipment, even in conditions where sweat or moisture could be an issue.

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