Collection: Wrist Supports For Tendonitis

We recommend the following wrist supports and other products for tendonitis. See below for more information on which support is best for wrist tendonitis.

Best wrist supports for tendonitis

Here we expain the best wrist supports for tendonitis in the wrist as well as other products which help.

What is wrist tendonitis?

Wrist tendonitis is inflammation of any of the tendons in the wrist. It is an overuse injury with symptoms of gradual onset wrist pain, stiffness and sometimes swelling. It is often worse first thing in the morning but eases as you use your wrist, only to return again later with use.

Although wrist tendonitis (itis means inflammation) is a more common term, it is likely that most long term chronic injuries do not have acute inflammation cells. Therefore, wear and tear or degeneration of the tendon is more likely. As a result the term wrist tendinopathy is a more accurate name.

Wrist splints for tendonitis

Wrist splint for tendonitis

Treatment for wrist tendonitis/tendinopathy is to rest by avoiding any activities which cause pain. If you have significant tendonitis pain whenever you move your wrist then you may wish to consider a Wrist Splint.

Wearing a Wrist Splint or support for tendonitis immobilises the joint. As a result you are unable to move it which enables it to rest and recover. This is particularly useful if you need to work and are tempted to keep using your wrist.

Neoprene wrist support for tendonitis

Neoprene wrist wraps

Neoprene wrist supports that wrap around are excellent for chronic wrist tendonitis or tendinopathy. You can adjust the level of support and compression easily by tightening it. Neoprene has good heat retaining properties. As a result, your wrist tendons are kept warm and blood circulation improves, aiding the healing process.