Collection: Products For Shin Splints

Shin splints is a general name given to shin pain of which there are many causes. We recommend the following products for treating and preventing shin splints pain. See more below on why they help treat shin pain.

Best products for Shin Splints

Our Shin splints products include cold therapy, calf supports, foam rollers and insoles. They aim to reduce pain and inflammation, improve muscle condition or future shin pain.

What is Shin Splints?

Shin splints is a general name for shin pain of which there are many causes. The most common is medial tibial stress syndrome. Symptoms include chronic or gradual onset pain on the lower inside of the shin.

Treatment involves reducing pain and inflammation then restoring lower leg muscles to full strength and flexibility before a gradual return to running.

Cold therapy

Cold therapy is probably one the most effective products for reducing shin pain and inflammation. Apply a cold therapy compression wrap for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours in the early stages. As your injury improves reduce this to 3 times per day.

Cold compression wrap

The Medium Hot & Cold Wrap is perfect for lower leg injuries. It contains 2 re-useable cold gel packs secured with an elastic compression wrap. Later when the acute inflammation is gone, you can use it to apply heat, which reduces muscle tension.

Cold therapy gel

Cold gel has a soothing effect and reduces pain and inflammation. It can be applied throughout the day. Ideal if you do not have access to ice or cold packs but shouldn't be be used as an alternative.

Shin supports

Shin supports aid the healing process by supporting the muscles of the lower leg. They apply compression which reduces stress on the muscles and as a result along the inside border of the tibia (shin bone).

Elastic shin supports

The Elastic Shin Support provides compression and is probably more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time than Neoprene shin and calf supports. An ideal shin splints product because it does not retain body heat as much so is more suitable for acutely inflammed injuries.

Neoprene shin supports

Neoprene shin supports provide compression and retain the bodies heat. Heat encourages blood flow which aids the healing process and relaxes muscles. However, in the early acute stages heat may increase inflammation. Therefore, a Neoprene support is more suitable for longer term chronic injuries.

Foam roller for shin pain

Using a foam roller helps keep muscles in good condition. It helps eliminate lumbs, bumps and knots, and relaxes them.

The problem most people make when treating shin splints is they go back to normal training as soon as the pain and inflammation goes. However, it is vital to improve the condition and flexibility of the lower leg muscles as weak, tight muscles increase the traction forces on your shin.


One major cause of shin pain is overpronation, where your foot rolls in or flattens as you walk. As your foot rolls inwards, the lower leg also rotates inwards. As a result the forces on the inside of your lower leg increase.

If you overpronate then you may benefit from arch support insoles. These control the position of your heel, hence reducing overpronation.