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Our Top 10 Gifts For Tennis Players

The Tennis season is in full flow and with Wimbledon around the corner here are our top ten products to put a smile on any Tennis player's face.

1. Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis elbow brace

Probably not something of interest to an elite player so if you are buying for Andy Murray then read on. Amateurs however are far more likely to suffer from tennis-related elbow pain. A Tennis Elbow brace takes the strain off the elbow not only reducing pain levels but helping prevent elbow pain in the first place.

2. Calf support

Calf support

A Calf strain is a common tennis injury. So much so that a particular type of torn calf muscle is often called Tennis leg. The Ultimate Performance Elastic Calf Compression Sleeve provides firm compressive support without making your skin too hot and sweaty.

3. Insoles


You wouldn't build a house without getting the foundations right. Many injuries are prevented and performance is improved by correcting any biomechanical foot problems. The Advance F3D Insoles come in three types to suit overpronators, under-pronators and neutral feet. With a full 3mm of cushioning, they protect against the repetitive impact from playing tennis.

5. Blister plasters

Blister plasters

The best cure for blisters is preventing them in the first place. Blister plasters provide instant relief if you do suffer a blister. In addition, they work just as well applied to potential 'hot spots' for preventing blisters. For example the back of the heel, instep and toes. However, they don't just work on your feet! If you haven't picked up a tennis racket for some time you are just as likely to get a blister on your hand.

6. Patellar tendon strap

Patella strap

Tennis involves a lot of sharp changes of direction. As a result, Patellar tendonitis is a common knee injury causing stubborn pain just below the Patella (kneecap). A Patellar tendon strap works in the same way as a Tennis elbow strap, changing how forces transmit through the tendon and relieving painful knee pain symptoms.

7. Kinesiology tape

K tape

Kinesiology tape or K-tape is used in a variety of sporting applications. It helps drain lymph fluids as well as activate, or deactivate muscles. Kinesiology tape is often used for:

  • Treating sports injuries.
  • Re-training injured muscles.
  • Supporting joints.
  • Enhancing performance.

Let's not forget the possible psychological advantage of showing up on court with the professional-looking coloured tape applied to your leg, arm or back.

8. Ankle support

ankle support

Again, unless you are the kind of player that can stand on the T and have your opponent running all over the court, you will need to make a lot of harsh changes of direction. As a result, sprained ankles are another common tennis injury. Whether you are recovering from an ankle injury, or hoping to prevent a future one, our range of specialist ankle supports have something suitable for all.

9. Extra Strong Sports Balm

Sports balm

Relieve any aches and pains with our Extra Strong Sports Balm. By using heat therapy you can increase blood circulation to relax and soothe the muscles and help speed up recovery. This powerful pot contains a combination of herbal ingredients and carefully blended natural oils. It is easy to apply and offers fast, effective relief from muscle and joint pain.

10. Cold Gel

Cold gel

Although not a replacement for a cold therapy compression wrap following injury, Ultimate Performance Cold Gel is ideal for reducing pain and inflammation. It is perfect as part of treatment for more chronic, overuse injuries. It is perfect for carrying in your kit bag to apply throughout the day, and if you don't have easy access to ice.

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