Ready to get back in the swing?

Ready to get back in the swing?

‘It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.’

You know the tune. But although we’re  still restricted by lock down rules, tennis courts and golf clubs are now open!

Anyone for tennis?

We may not be able to get our Wimbledon fix this year, but that’s no excuse not to court a little tennis action. Here’s a reminder why this sport is a lock down winner:

Tennis is an ace way to improve health and fitness. The game keeps you constantly on the move, burning calories, building muscle, improving flexibility and increasing bone strength. Swinging to hit the ball lets you work your whole body too.

Family fun:  On the whole, we’re still being advised that it’s safer to stay within our family group. Luckily, tennis is perfect for families.  If you can hold a racket you can play!  Not only can it improve hand-eye coordination in children, but tennis also teaches them valuable life lessons, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Whether you’re 3 or 93, tennis suits all ages and fitness levels.

Golf: A hole-lotta-fun-in-one.

Lock down restrictions certainly have seemed to connect people with the outdoors and nature but now golf courses have reopened, you might enjoy a different kind of birdie? A walk in the fresh air goes a ‘fairway’ to lift the spirits so why not combine it with a little healthy competition?

Benefits: Golfers ‘drive’ up the miles without even noticing which offers great cardiovascular benefits to the heart and lungs. Swinging a golf club up to 30 times and beyond strengthens your core and helps build muscle. It’s great for weight loss too, a full 18 round hole involves 5-6 miles of walking which, helped by the swinging of your golf club, equates to an average of 800-900 calories expended!

Low Impact If you feel your joints aren’t at their best, golf is perfect as a "low-impact" sport. This makes the game ideal for older players who like to remain both active and competitive.

However you choose to whack a ball this summer, golf and tennis are great ways to escape the from the hassles and stresses of the world, which, let’s face it, have been somewhat challenging of late…

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