Ankle Supports For Football

Ankle Supports For Football

Ankle supports come in a variety of styles and support levels. But what is the best ankle support for football? Here we explain what you need to know.

A good ankle support for football should give a moderate to high level of support. This is because the game involves a lot of quick changes of direction and sideways or lateral stress on the ankle.

Should I wear an ankle support for football?

There are a number of circumstances or situations when you may need to consider wearing an ankle support. For example, if you have weak or unstable ankles, are recovering from an ankle injury, or have a long term chronic injury that you are managing.

What about ankle taping?

Often professional players have access to ankle strapping and taping. Taping gives the greatest initial support, but soon becomes loose, hence it needs to be regularly re-applied. It is also expensive. A good ankle support or brace is a more convenient and longer lasting solution.

However, there are a few important things to consider:

    • No ankle brace will 100% prevent you from turning your ankle over.
    • You should not use a support as a substitute for proper ankle rehabilitation. It should be part of your rehab program.
    • The more support you have, the less movement you are likely to have. There is often a trade off and you need to decide which is more important.

      I need an ankle support for football with a little extra support

      If you are looking for a little extra support or confidence when playing, then a simple elastic Ankle Support is a good option for football. It provides low to moderate support through compression. Is breathable and not as bulky as a neoprene ankle support.

      Elastic ankle support for football

      Elastic ankle support - view product

      Your foot and ankle is not going to be as sweaty and uncomfortable and it is likely to fit under shin pads and in football boots.

      Higher support level

      If you have suffered an ankle sprain, broken ankle or similar and want that extra support to prevent lateral (sideways) movement then our Football Ankle Support is a good option.

      It laces up securely and has extra steel spring supports down the sides to help prevent lateral movement. The brace itself is cut short around the midfoot compared to other laced ankle braces. This is to ensure it fits comfortably in your football boots.

      Football ankle brace support

      Football anke support - view product

      But remember, even with the highest level of support possible you are unlikely to completely eliminate the risk of injury. It is especially important you work on proprioception/balance exercises as well as ankle strengthening.

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