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Ultimate Performance Accessories

Ultimate Performance Elastic Laces - UP6731

Ultimate Performance Elastic Laces - UP6731

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Ultimate Performance Elastic laces for running trainers and sports shoes allow you to put your shoes on quickly and easily without the risk of them coming undone when you run.

They are available in a range of bright colours to suit all styles and personalities. The elastic laces have a high visibility reflective fleck which reflects light making you more visible when running in the dark.

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The Ultimate Performance Elastic Laces combine an incredibly tough elastic bungee cord with a spring-loaded lock. As a result, this gives a firm, secure and comfortable fit to your shoes.

How to fit elastic laces?

Elastic laces are very easy to fit in your existing trainers and simple to use. You simply thread them into your shoes as you would any normal lace. Then pull the toggle to tighten them as much or as little as is comfortable.

When you run your foot naturally expands. Elastic laces allow a little stretch to accommodate this making your shoe fit more comfortably.

You will never need to tie another shoe lace! No more stopping mid run to adjust your laces.

No need to undo your laces either. Simply release the toggle or just slip them off as easily as they went on.


The benefits of swappng your standard laces to elastic laces in trainers or sports shoes are:

  1. Easy to get shoes on and off
  2. They don't come undone
  3. Allow your foot to expand when running
  4. Highly visible & reflective at night
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