Best Products For Calf Strains

A Calf strain is a tear of one of muscles at the back of the lower leg. We recommend the following products for treating Calf strains.

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Hot/Cold Wrap Large Hot/Cold Wrap
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Hot/Cold Wrap Medium Hot/Cold Wrap - UP4412
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Elastic shin calf support
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Calf support neoprene Advanced Neoprene Calf Support - UP5733
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Wrap around neoprene calf support Neoprene Shin & Calf Support - UP5430
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foam roller foam roller
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Foam roller Foam roller
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Sports Balm
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Heat Rub
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Here we explain our best products for Calf strains:

Calf strain products

A calf strain is a tear of any of the muscles at the back of the lower leg, usually where the achilles tendon joins to the gastrocnemius muscle. Treatment involves immediate first aid followed by a full Calf strain rehabilitation program.

Cold therapy

if you suffer a torn calf muscles then apply the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. The Medium Hot & Cold Wrap applies immediate cold therapy and compression. Apply cold for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours initially, reducing frequency as your symptoms improve. If you were to only buy one product for treating calf strains then it should be a hot & cold compression wrap.

Heat therapy for Calf strains

Later in the rehabilitation process applying heat increases blood flow which relaxes muscles aiding the healing process. Heat before exercise, cold therapy after as you recover.

Calf supports

Wear a calf support all the time during the acute phase. It protects the muscle from further injury. Compression also helps limit swelling. The Elastic Calf Compression Sleeve is ideal during the acute phase immediately after injury. It does not retain as much body heat and is probably more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Later in the rehabilitation process a neoprene calf support provides compression and support but also retains body heat which increases blood flow, relaxing the muscle.

Foam roller

A foam roller is one of the best products for treating calf strains, especially if you do not have access to regular massage. However, you should not use it immediately after injury, during the acute phase.

Later, once the acute phase has passed regular foam rolling massages the muscle, helping relax it and pump blood through the tissues. An essential piece of kit for all runners and regular training athletes and sports people.

Massage lotions & rubs

Both Extra Strong Sport Balm and Heat Rub help increase the benefit of massage therapy. Massage should not be used in the acute stage immediately after injury. However, later it is important for restoring the muscle to its original condition.