What is it suitable for?

It is suitable for all athletes, sportsmen and women as well as us normal mortals who just want to relax a bit more.

Myofascial release from the vibration technology helps you avoid many sports-related injuries. It is an ideal alternative to massage if you do not happen to have your personal massage therapist handy.

How does it work?

Because of the vibrations, there is almost NO need to roll or apply deep pressure. This minimal rolling technique means it is far less painful to use than a traditional foam roller.

It uses a rechargeable battery which gives between 2.5 and 6 hours of use depending on settings. The Pulseroll Classic Massage Roller is fully charged again after just 4 hours.

Technical Information

  • 3 different vibrating speeds plus pulse mode
  • Convenient remove control
  • Built in rechargable battery
  • Battery life is 6 hours (lower speeds), 2.5 hours (higher speeds)
  • Size Guide

  • Product Size: 300mm (L) x 150mm (H)