The fully adjustable cross-over strap give extra support around the knee cap and the steel springs on either side of the knee gives added stability without restricting movement.

How does it work?

Elastic compression provides support and helps reduce swelling. The compression element of the fabric helps to stimulate blood flow to the injured area which helps speed up recovery time, reduce cramp and muscle stiffness.

Steel springs along the side provide additional lateral (sideways) support. In addition, cross over straps wrap around providing a third layer of adjustable support.

What injuries is the Advanced Compression Knee Support suitable for?

The Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Knee Support is suitable for most knee injuries. In particular, moderate to severe knee sprains and joint injuries. For example:

  • - ACL sprain
  • - PCL sprain
  • - LCL sprain
  • - Cartilage tears
  • - Knee swelling
  • - Patella pain

Is the advanced compression knee support suitable for football?

There are no exposed or solid metal parts in this knee support. Therefore, this means it is suitable for playing football and other contact supports. However, local rules and regulations may differ so refer to the rules of your paticular league and/or referee.

What size do I need?

SIZING – measure around the centre of the knee: SMALL 12-14″ (30-35cm), MEDIUM 14-16″ (35-40cm), LARGE 16-18″ (40-45cm), XL 18-20″ (45-50cm)

Technical Information

  • The breathable compressive four-way stretch of the material targets support to the area’s most requiring it, mimicking the support and action planes of key ligaments and tendons to reinforce them.
  • Steel springs provide moderate medial and lateral support whilst allowing a full range of movement
  • Cross-over strap system provides all-round stability and support
  • Support level 3
  • Size Guide

  • SIZING – measure around the centre of the knee: SMALL 12-14″ (30-35cm), MEDIUM 14-16″ (35-40cm), LARGE 16-18″ (40-45cm), XL 18-20″ (45-50cm)
  • Care

  • Hand wash
  • Classification

    This product that has been registered with the MHRA as a Class 1 Medical Device. This means
    it complies with legislation and has been designed and thoroughly tested to be safe and effective to use.