massage lotion vs oil

Massage Oil Vs Lotion

Massage oil vs massage lotion. Which is best? The choice depends on personal preferences and specific needs. Both have advantages, and the "best" option often varies based on the type of massage and your individual preferences.

Massage Oil

Massage oil provides a smooth glide, making it suitable for longer, flowing strokes.
it offers better lubrication, which is beneficial for deep-tissue massages. It usually contains a combination of carrier oils and, in some cases, essential oils for added therapeutic benefits. Oils leave a lasting sheen on the skin after treatment.

Massage Lotion

Massage lotion absorbs into the skin more quickly, therefore, making it a good choice for shorter massages or when quick absorption is desired. It typically has a lighter and less greasy feel compared to oil.

Lotion often contains additional moisturising ingredients. As a result, it is beneficial for dry or sensitive skin. Lotion is also usually easier to clean off sheets and clothing. It is also less likely to stain towels than oil, even if you use paper couch rolls as well.


Ultimately, the choice between massage lotion vs oil comes down to the specific goals of the massage, the desired level of glide, and individual skin preferences. Some therapists and clients even choose to use a combination of both during a massage. They might start with oil for the initial stages, then switch to lotion for deeper work.

Experimenting with both and considering factors like scent, texture, and therapeutic benefits help determine which works best for a particular situation.

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