Do Tennis elbow braces work?

Do Tennis Elbow Braces Work?

Yes! A study from 2013 showed that wearing a specific type of Tennis Elbow brace had an immediate effect on reducing pain levels in people with Tennis elbow/Lateral epicondylitis.

What is Tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow - extensor muscles of the wrist

Tennis elbow is a common name given to pain on the outside of the elbow. It is often called Lateral epicondylitis and is probably the most common cause of lateral elbow pain. It was thought to be inflammation of the extensor tendons where they insert into the outside of the elbow. However, because most cases are long-term, chronic injuries it is more likely to be degeneration of the tendon rather than acute inflammation.

What is a Tennis elbow brace?

Tennis elbow support

Braces or supports for Tennis elbow consist of a strap which wraps around the upper forearm, just below the elbow. Also called a Counterforce brace it often has some kind of padding to apply pressure down onto the extensor muscles in the forearm.

How does a Tennis elbow support work?

Advanced Ultimate Compression Elbow Support - UP5184

By applying pressure down onto the extensor muscles in the forearm, the brace changes how forces transmit through the tendon. As a result, instead of constantly tugging on the same spot all the time, the load is distributed across the tendon.

When should I wear a Tennis elbow brace?

If you are in pain then wear the brace. It should instantly reduce your pain levels. You need to rest, however, that is difficult if you have to work or do other activities. Wearing the Tennis elbow brace allows the painful part of your tendon to rest, and as a result, aids the healing process.

As you return to sport or normal activities, you may decide to only wear the brace during sport. This is so you can give your elbow that bit of extra protection as you gradually increase the load through your elbow.

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