Best Knee Supports For Skiing

Best Knee Supports For Skiing

Choosing a knee support for skiing depends on the level of support you need, whether you have any particular injuries as well as what you personally feel comfortable in.

You will likely have invested a lot of money in a skiing holiday. The last thing you want is for your holiday to be ruined by an uncomfortable or unsuitable knee support. Whichever you choose, it needs to be comfortable and provide the right level of protection.

It is important to consider the following when choosing a knee brace to ski in:


Knee supports and braces come in a variety of materials. Neoprene is popular because it provides good support and retains heat. However, it is not a particularly breathable material.

As a result, your leg becomes sweaty and uncomfortable. Instead consider more breathable elastic materials.


There is often a trade off between the amount of support you have and the range of movement. By definition, a knee support restricts unwanted movement. The more support you have, often the less movement, in particular knee flexion (bending) you can comfortably achieve.

We recommend the following knee supports for skiing based on support level:

High level of support

Skiing knee supports which give a high level of support are best for skiers with previous knee ligament and joint injuries. Or, those with particularly weak and unstable knees.

Ultimate Compression Hinged Knee Support

Ultimate Hinged Knee Support for skiing

The Ultimate Compression Hinged Knee Support offers a high level of support without restricting movement. It has solid metal stays down the sides which are hinged at the joint. They help prevent unwanted lateral (sideways) movement of the joint.

The sleeve itself is made from breathable elastic making it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The tailored design prevents bunching around the back of the knee making the support ideal for skiing.

Medium level of support

If you feel a full hinged knee brace is too much, but you feel more confident with a higher level of support then consider a stabilised knee support for skiing.

Stabilised braces have additional straps or springs to give extra support. They are not as heavy as full hinged knee braces, but offer significantly more support than simple knee supports.

Ultimate Performance Advance Compression Knee Support

Advanced knee support with straps

The Ultimate Performance Advance Compression Knee Support has a tailored, breathable elastic sleeve with adjustable elastic straps for additional compression and lateral support. In addition steel springs sewn into the material provides even more lateral protection.

Mild support

If you have no previous joint injury and just want a skiing knee support which gives you that bit more confidence. Or, if you have weaker knees or might be prone to tendonitis then a simple elastic knee support is all you need.

Ultimate Performance Compression Knee Support

Elastic knee support

The Ultimate Performance Compression Knee Support is a technical elastic knee support. It provides moderate support through compression. Highly breathable and lightweight it allows excellent range of movement at the knee joint and is comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Knee supports for common skiing injuries

We recommend the following supports for skiing if you have any of the following specific knee injuries:

Patellofemoral pain

Patellofemoral pain occurs when the patella (kneecap) rubs on the bone underneath. A common cause is poor patella tracking. Therefore we recommend the following knee supports which aim to support the patella as it moves:

Runners knee strap support

The Runners Knee Support is a strap which helps to relieve pain resulting from ITB syndrome and Runner's Knee/Patellofemoral pain.

knee support

Adjustable knee support with straps has a wraparound design that provides a custom fit and makes it easy to wear. The additional over-strap provides targeted compression and support whilst the open patella relieves pressure on the patella and improves patella tracking.

Patella tendonitis

Patella tendonitis (Jumpers knee) is inflammation or degeneration of the patella tendon, at the bottom of the patella. It is an overuse injury which is difficult to treat if it becomes chronic.

Jumpers knee patella tendon strap

The Ultimate Performance Advance Patella Strap wraps around the knee applying pressure over the patella tendon. A compression tube places targeted pressure on the patella tendon, changing how forces transmit through the tendon and relieving pain.


At the end of the day it comes down to personal preferance. All our knee supports are great for skiing but the ones above a particularly recommended by our sports therapist.

No knee support guarantees preventing or curing knee injuries, particularly knee ligament sprains. But the right one can mitigate the risk and make your expensive skiing holiday more enjoyable. Before you go make sure you are physically prepared and fit enough.

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