Supports & Braces

All Ultimate Performance Supports are Class 1 Medical Devices.

  • ankle supports

    Ankle Supports

    A range of elastic, neoprene and stabilizing ankle supports and braces to help prevent and recovert from ankle injuries.

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  • knee supports

    Knee Supports

    A range of specialist knee supports and braces to help prevent and recovery from knee injuries.

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  • shin and calf supports

    Shin & Calf

    Elastic and neoprene shin and calf sleeves. Important for recovering from calf strains, shin spints and similar injuries.

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  • thigh supports

    Thigh & Groin

    A range of specialist supports and braces to help prevent and treat thigh and groin injuries.

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  • shoulder supports

    Shoulder Supports

    Shoulder supports and braces provide protection and support for injured shoulder joints.

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  • elbow supports

    Elbow Supports

    Elbow supports and braces to help treat and prevent elbow injuries including Tennis elbow.

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  • wrist and thumb supports

    Wrist & Thumb

    A range of specialist supports and braces to protect and support injured wrists & thumbs.

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  • back supports

    Back Supports

    Back supports and braces to protect and provide relief from low back pain.

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f3d cushion insole

Advanced F3D Insoles

The most advanced sports insoles available. Choose from Support, Cusion or Neutral depending on your foot type. Designed specifically for sport with a full 3mm of shock absorbing material.

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Sports Taping

High quality performance sports tape. Discounts on bulk buy.

  • kinesiology tape

    Kinesiology Tape

    Kinesiology tape, k-tape or Kinesio tape is used in a variety of sporting applications.

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  • zin oxide Tan tape

    Zinc Oxide Tape

    Zinc oxide tape is non stretch sticky tape used in a variety of sports taping applications.

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  • ultimate performance elastic adhesive bandage

    Elastic Tapes & Bandages

    Elastic adhesive bandage (EAB), Cohesive tape, Rip Lite, Elasto tape and Underwrap.

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First Aid & Sports Rehabilitation

First Aid Kits & Supplies, Hot & Cold Therapy