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Medical Run-on Bag
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Ultimate Performance Medical


Designed with the pitch side Physiotherapist in mind our medical bags have been developed to hold all the essentials you need for pitch side first aid.

Whether its game day or a training session we know that as a sports therapist you need to be prepared for all emergencies and we’ve developed a range of medical bags to help you store all your essential equipment in one place.

You don’t just need to carry a wide range of products to be prepared but you also need to be able to access those products quickly and efficiently so our bags come with plenty of internal storage space and with additional organiser pockets to help you control where you store your items and making smaller essentials easier to find. With adjustable shoulder straps and Velcro internal dividers you can tailor the bag to suit your personal requirements.

Whilst we recognise that you need to have plenty of equipment on hand to support your team pitch side sometimes it isn’t practical when dealing with emergencies. Our Run-on Medical bag is the perfect size to hold all the essentials you need without being bulky and heavy to slow you down when an emergency occurs.  Don’t let its size fool you though – it comes with all the adjustability, structure and organisation that our main bags contain but with the added bonus of being lightweight and convenient to simply grab and go.